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Introducing the Blue Building Environmental Organisation

Message from the Founders


How Can We Change the Environment for a Better Future?


Not perhaps the easiest question to answer in a world where traditionally governments and commercial organisations of all sizes may have behaved in a way which put power, profit and self interest much higher on their agendas than environmental issues.


A situation where the individual with concern for the future of the environment found it hard for their voice to be heard and those with the technological ambition and ability struggled for support for their programmes and ideas.

However ……


The situation is changing and the vested interests that have for so long been an impediment to progress are very slowly beginning to increase awareness of the imperative of environmental sustainability. But the progress is still not fast enough and more must be done.


Together we must create an environment in which those with the knowledge and technological skills and those with the power to apply it can be more rapidly and harmoniously integrated.


How ….


It has already begun and is the aim and purpose of the Blue Building Environmental Organisation. It cannot address all environmental issues but based on the firm footings of the Blue Building Concept it seeks to promote action in the world of recycling, energy effectiveness and environmental protection in the construction sector by uniting disparate knowledge and initiatives to create a cohesive force for positive change. Independent and in close cooperation with the respective governments, companies and humans; neutral with the focus to find the right solutions changing the environment in the best possible way.


Your role....


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation needs you whether an individual or organisation and your ideas, technology, knowledge, position and vote to influence positive change. Blue Building Environmental Organisation needs you and those you know who share your views to become a member, to show how your expertise and a modest membership fee can fund a movement that makes a major difference. Together we can become a force for good that reinvents the built environment to build a sustainable future for everyone.


“From tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow”.

Please act now to help us grow this seed."


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation - Where Environment begins

Melanie Stegmann

Norbert Spruch
Global Network

Our Objective


The objective of the Blue Building Environmental Organisation is to effectively promote global awareness in the field of sustainability and environmental protection together with many people worldwide. This is to be achieved through the production and distribution of the most advanced environmental engineering equipment and machinery, as well as the marketing of sustainable, energy saving and environmentally friendly construction technologies and processes.

With our Blue Building Environmental Organisation website, we provide information on all relevant environmental problems. Not only this: people should also receive tips on how they can make lasting improvements to the environment. Here, the truth has priority; it must always come first. Only when we take this step we can make changes.


Environmental organisations or charitable institutions are springing up like mushrooms. Some are successful, but often think in terms of turnover rather than the environment. Worse, however, is the fact that information or scientific studies are simply not true and only serve to increase one's own publicity. Analyses by well-known environmental organisations repeatedly confirm that


“actually nothing has been achieved in the last years or decades”.


On the contrary, our nature has been changed in a negative way that it is too late for many plants and animal species, as they have been irrevocably eradicated.



Our Mission


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation is an organisation whose members are individuals and companies, regardless of nationality, culture, religion or health.


Our mission is to inspire, connect and empower a community of global people to implement solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems and to provide strategic advice and Blue Building® technologies that helps our society alleviate poverty and create a cleaner environment. 


Blue Building Environmental Organisation's revenues will be used (after deduction of running costs) to finance three separate projects:


1. Provide funding for environmental projects and products, research and development for the construction of prototypes of environmentally friendly equipment

2. Provide funding for rapid assistance in emergencies worldwide

3. Awarding International Environmental Prizes, as well as publishing up-to-date environmental reports via the internet.



What are the benefits in joining the Blue Building Environmental Organisation and what does one gain?


As the name says; the Blue Building Environmental Organisation aims become a world leader in setting new standards for our environment. The establishment of such an organisation has already and will still take a lot of time. Our homepage is still under construction, and it will take some more time to get everything ‘set’.


Through our newsletters, the Blue Building Environmental Organisation will disseminate updates, knowledge and information on environmental issues for its members. Membership income will be used for research and development and for the construction of first prototype plants.


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation has also made it its mission to disseminate information on current environmental issues via an online platform. People from all walks of life are welcome to join the Blue Building Environmental Organisation to make their voices heard: With our platform Environmental Reports, we will publish well-researched studies and information, 


from our Members - for our Members


Learn more about Benefits of a Blue Building Environmental Organisation Membership.


Blue Building Environmental Organisation has something to offer the world instead of being its problem.


Unde venis, quo vadis?


Welcome to an exciting journey!


Yours sincerely,

The Blue Building Environmental Organisation Team

-Guardians of the Environment-

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