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Research and Development of Blue Building Products

by The-Environmentalist


Sadly, due to the unexpected passing of The-Environmentalist, some of his product developments have remained unfinished. This is especially true for the Blue EcoPower, the mobile system of the BAPS and the Blue Solar System.


But the legacy of The-Environmentalist must continue! Further investments are needed to realise these systems. The family of The-Environmentalist has set itself the goal to lead the developments that have been started to success step by step. But this requires financial support, which the Blue Building Environmental Organisation would like to acquire through crowdfunding and membership payments.

The BAPS (Blue Air Purification System)

BAPS Blue Air Purification System

is a mobile system that can eliminate harmful fine dust, bacteria, viruses and pollen without great expense. This plant should be accessible to everyone. 

The Blue EcoPower

Blue EcoPower

is undoubtedly the most significant advance in renewable energy technology this century. At a low production cost it is not only cheaper than conventional non-renewable energy sources, but also, and most importantly, easily generated without negative environmental effects. When combined with the proprietary “RANO Technology”, energy can be generated at any temperature and is thus a permanent source of energy, day and night, anywhere in the world.

The Blue Solar System

Blue Solar System

According to recent studies, global demand for water is expected to increase sharply in the coming decades. It is expected that climate change will make some areas drier and others more wet. As rainfall extremes increase in some regions, affected communities are more vulnerable to droughts and floods.


However, there is a solution for these issues...

Water Purification System

Water Supply

Since our environment is changing, more pressure is put on water resources. What will be the most serious problem concerning water situation in the upcoming decade? Will it be water shortages, a breakdown in the infrastructure to obtain and supply water or water made undrinkable by pollution? How much money has already been spend and will be spend for solutions? 

We do have the key for this problem; - without chemicals; with significantly high quality and producing at lower prices under normal market conditions; so much water as your country needs. 

The Pascal Stone

Pascal Stone

The crystalline alumo-silicate Pascal Stone has the property of adsorbing water vapour, binding it to its surface and simultaneously releasing heat.

BAF 2000


Method and device for reducing exhaust gas emissions and fine dust particles from internal combustion engines. Exhaust emissions from internal combustion engines are usually reduced by catalytic post-combustion of pollutants.

For more information on how to invest into one of Blue Buildings innovative environmentally friendly Plants and Machinery,

please get in touch with our team.

Thank you.

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