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Dear friends

I am honestly still quite inexperienced with all the possibilities that online marketing offers, so to be honest I am playing a bit with the given possibilities to get started and learn... So here is our blog :)

Welcome; glad to have you here with us.

For those of you who are new to our site: The aim of the Blue Building Environmental Organisation is to work with many people around the world to promote awareness of sustainability and environmental protection. This is to be achieved through the production and distribution of state-of-the-art environmental equipment and machinery as well as the commercialisation of sustainable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly building technologies and processes.

The Blue Building Concept is clear: it combines state-of-the-art building techniques with pioneering advances in sustainable construction. The combination of these techniques enables customised, design-oriented buildings at low cost and in the shortest possible construction time. All techniques and technologies used in the Blue Building® system are intended to fulfil or exceed the standard (passive house, zero-energy house, plus-energy house, low-energy house) in the future. The first projects have been completed in the United Arab Emirates and we are now in Scotland to conquer the UK market with our concept. Here you can find our United Arab Emirates projects.

However, it is not so easy with our recycling plants, as unfortunately none of the fantastic machines developed by my late husband Norbert (who was a dedicated inventor) does still exist. But as we are convinced of their immense benefit to the world, it remains the aim of the Blue Building Environmental Organisation to promote the Blue Building Concept and the recycling technologies that my late husband developed. With the help of supporters, sponsors, members and the proceeds of sales from our new Blue Building Shop, we aim to build the next generation Ecorefine, a machine that can recycle 99.9% of organic waste. You can find more information about this amazing machine here.

Last but not least, of course, I must not forget to mention our new Blue Building Shop. My late husband's photos, the Blue Building Environmental Organisation and photos sponsored by our members are being used to create products as diverse as coffee mugs, clothing, bags, phone and computer accessories and much more. With our campaign and the sale of our products, the Blue Building Environmental Organisation would like to support the launch of our new production facility, but with the Hope Collection we would also like to raise funds for disaster relief locally, but also globally (depending on where the buyers are from - so purchases from the UK are used for UK projects), but also poverty alleviation and the protection of children around the world are close to our hearts.

However, this can only succeed with the support of many people worldwide.

By buying our products, you support the work of the Blue Building Environmental Organisation and support the start-up for our environmental products financially. Visit our shop and browse through our entire collection

Find out more about us and our plans on our website, and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date.

Best wishes from Scotland

Melanie Stegmann

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