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Blue Building Concept

Blue Building® Concept


It is not only rising energy prices that are prompting many people to look for new, sustainable building methods. The health factor is also playing an increasingly important role in the search for a new home for families. Always fresh and clean air indoors and pleasant room temperatures in summer and winter are not only important for elderly or sick people, we also want to protect our children from negative environmental influences and offer them a healthy environment to grow up in.


And if all this is accompanied by low maintenance costs, a long lifespan of the houses and a sustainable construction method that benefits our environment - what more do we want?

Expanding the notion of sustainability into a new dimension:


The BLUE Building® Concept


reaches beyond all conventional and often misleading superficial calculations of ultimately fictional energy savings in buildings. The true balance of environmental impact exceeds the computation of the amount of energy consumed to provide habitable conditions: taking not only the comprehensive balance during the entire life cycle - including production and recycling - into consideration but also the dynamic gain and loss generated by users and daily changes of the environment.


A key to understand the Blue Building® Concept is the recognition of water as the “source“ of all life versus any other media carrying “energy“.


Therefore, a comprehensive concept of recycling interrelated to energy generation and conscientious consumption will prove to be the only true concept to save the environment sustainably.


At the beginning of 2007, the name "BLUE BUILDING®" and "BLUE BUILDING® CONCEPT" were created. Blue Building® is a registered Trademark.

The Blue Building Environmental Organisation presents:

The Blue Building Concept

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