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Prof. Blue

Welcome to our Blue for Kids page - great having you on our side.


I am Professor Blue, your guide though the Blue for Kids page.

Let’s together explore our environment. Along with you, we want to tread new paths, sometimes crossing deserts, jungles, gliding through the air or finding ourselves on wild or calm waters. Let us dive into a world of questions, suggestions and then interpret and comment on them.


Together we build a platform and implement it in such a way that everyone understands and enjoys it. Great that you are joining us.

Our Topics

How do you see the environment?

We want to know it! Just draw it on paper


Learn more ...

Our Blue Planet


Do we really have so much water?

And how much is drinkable?


Let's dive in ...

Did you ever wonder how big a

bacteria or a virus really is?

And how small they are compared to the smallest thing our human eye can

actually see?


Find it out: the sizes of the invisible...

Kids Drawing
Water Facts

Microscopical Image

1. Revival of our project


‘Children drawing the environment’


The earth is big and colourful, with land and water, with animals and people. And in the midst of it we live and are responsible for it.


Everyone can do something, even you! We from Blue Building Environmental Organisation 'Blue for Kids' are particularly interested in how you see the environment. We are also interested in what bothers you the most: is it car exhaust fumes, polluted lakes and rivers, mountains of rubbish ... or something else?




Children’s view of our environment - Then and Now


Starting already in the 1990s, we have initiated environmental projects with schools on an international basis. At that time, students in different countries were asked to put their views on the destruction of the environment on paper. The best drawings were rewarded.


Even today, our children’s view of nature is very exciting to observe. And we have to ask ourselves openly: what has changed since then; improved or rather worsened?


The international exchange of thoughts and ideas regarding our environment is vital, learning from each other’s actions. With our Blue Building Environmental Organisation Blue for Kids platform, we are aiming to connect schools worldwide on an ‘online-basis’, publishing schools and students ideas and actions.


Some samples of students paintings, beginning in 1996:

Prof. Blue

Just draw it on a paper …


 ... and send it to us via email. Please also write down why you chose this particular motif. The best pictures will be published on our Blue Building Environmental Organisation Blue for Kids Platform. By sending us your picture, you and your parents agree that we may publish your picture along with your name, age and country of origin. However, prior to publication, the young artist will be notified by us.


So, don’t let us keep you from painting any longer. We look forward to seeing your drawings and ideas - have fun!

2. Water Facts

Amount of Water
Prof. Blue

The impression is created,

that our Blue Planet

has a huge amount of water

Amount of Water on Earth
Amount of Water on Earth in %
Earth Core

3. The size of the invisible

What is PM2.5 and PM10?


The numbers 10 and 2.5 refer to the µm diameter of the particulate matter.

Particulate matter is microscopic solid or liquid matter floating in the Earth's atmosphere. They include: gases, smoke, smog, ash and dust, viruses and bacteria, allergens, mould spores and pollen.

Prof. Blue
Particulate Matter (PM) - Relative Size
Size of Bacteria
Prof. Blue

Viruses depend on the cell machinery of their host cells to multiply.

In recent years, researchers have already discovered several viruses that threaten to break this simple pattern. Giant viruses such as Mimi virus, Mega virus, Pandora virus or the Klosneuvirus are not only as large as bacteria; their genome also contains many more genes than a normal virus. Among them are also some genes for protein biosynthesis.

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