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Blue Building® Plants and Machinery

by The-Environmentalist


The-Environmentalist has been working in the field of environmental technologies, chemical products, instruments, machinery and production equipment since 1984. Before starting his own business in 1993, he was the managing director of a petroleum company. The-Environmentalist has been involved in the research and development of new environmental technologies, which has enabled him to establish excellent contacts with business partners worldwide.


The-Environmentalist decided a long time ago to market his inventions through his Environmental Organisation,

with the aim of creating new jobs worldwide. 

Another focus is on research and development in order to make a lasting positive change in our environment.


In 1994, The-Environmentalist began to work intensively on the methods of cleaning contaminated soils and other substances and developed groundbreaking new cleaning methods and processes for this purpose. His basic product is the ECOREFINE, a method and device for decontaminating contaminated material. Other developments are in the field of water treatment, wastewater treatment, construction, renewable energies and reduction of CO2 pollution. Basically, he is the creator and inventor of the most environmentally friendly city in the world, Blue Industry, the University for the Environment and the Blue Building Concept.

The products listed below were developed by The-Environmentalist and his team in the 1990s. All the products have been patented and are proven to be environmentally sound, sustainable and functioning; - but have never gone into mass production.


This is now to be changed - because they contribute significantly to improving our environment.


Support the start-up for our Blue Building® products as a paying Blue Building Environmental Organisation member now. By registering for your Blue Building Environmental Organisation Golden or Blue Membership, you secure funding for the production of the first prototypes of The-Environemtalists' patented equipment and machinery.



Functioning Products by The-Environmentalist

- Ready to get rebuilt -

The Ecorefine


One of the most alarming causes for concern in the world today is the substantial increase in dangerous and damaging waste.


The Ecorefine technology puts an end to this problem through its astonishing ability to recycle 99.995% of all organic waste. It has significant applications in many areas but most pertinently in the current environment is its ability to clean up oil waste. Whether from an oil field contaminated with oil sludge, in an oil tanker thick covered with oil deposits or an oil slick from a disaster at sea: the Ecorefine can be taking the waste and break it down into its basic components which can then be resolved.

CLEVA - Suction Device for Liquids


The CLEVA from Blue Building is ideal for extracting engine oil, transmission oil, automatic transmission oil, rear axle oil, hydraulic oil, coolants and much more.


Thanks to the high-speed vacuuming via a double vacuum chamber, the CLEVA achieves an extremely high suction capacity. It enables sediment-free extraction even in remote or hard-to-reach areas, such as inside car engines, and offers ideal cleaning performance.



recycles old oil by using vacuum technology to separate oil and dirt particles. The regained oil is of such high quality that it can be reused or even sold.

WAT 2000


is a high-quality industrial cleaning device that is easy to operate and almost maintenance-free.



The ROTAS cleans completely independently and faster than comparable and conventional manual cleaning. Manpower and time are now limited only to the loading processes of the device.

Home-Water-Treatment - HWT 90


A compact water treatment system; developed directly aiming the end user; adapted to various crude water qualities from inferior tap water to seawater. The HWT 90 is a new generation of water treatment plants, designed for those parts of the world where drinking water supply is problematical...............

Fundraising Start-up


To bring the innovative developments by The-Environmentalist to life, the first membership income is to be used to build the first prototype facilities. A decision on which project to start with will be made shortly.


With your membership you actively support our initiative and contribute to keeping our environment a little cleaner.

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Then you really will be there right from the start when Blue Building® technologies begin their victorious march. We have no doubt that our products will make the world a better place. Whether it will be a small or a big impact, only time will tell. But it will be a widely noticeable impact. 


Support a path for the benefit of all people. Recommend us to acquaintances, friends and especially your family, simply to everyone. We are also welcoming you in our Online-Shop. The sales profit will also be used for the start-up of our projects.


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation

Guardians of the Environment


After receipt of your payment you will receive an email with your registration confirmation. 

We thank you in advance for your support.

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