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Suction device for liquids


The CLEVA (Clean Vacuum) from Blue Building is ideal for extracting engine oil, transmission oil, automatic transmission oil, rear axle oil, hydraulic oil, coolants and much more.


Thanks to the high-speed vacuuming via a double vacuum chamber, the CLEVA achieves an extremely high suction capacity. It enables sediment-free extraction even in remote or hard-to-reach areas, such as inside car engines, and offers ideal cleaning performance.


Five convincing advantages: Contrary to the conventional suction pump principle, all liquid media, including the sediments present, are extracted residue-free by flash vacuuming, as a pressure reversal takes place here. The CLEVA is equally suitable for all liquid media of different viscosities. By using special adapters, the system can be used universally in many technical areas.


The vacuum principle requires a closed system, which always ensures that all evacuated liquids reach the designated containers free of odour and dirt. Direct evacuation via the filling or inspection openings results in considerable time savings. The different media can be collected in separate containers without mixing. Disposal costs are reduced as the liquids are easier to recycle, to the benefit of our environment.




The DEFI 10 recycles old oil by using vacuum technology to separate oil and dirt particles. The regained oil is of such high quality that it can be reused or even sold. The mobile unit makes it able to purify 10 to 100 litres within one hour. 


This procedure saves storage, transport and disposal costs of the old oil as well as costs for the acquisition of new products replaced by recycled oil.


WAT 2000

Industrial Cleaning Device 


WAT 2000 is a high-quality industrial cleaning device that is easy to operate and almost maintenance-free.


Dirty parts are cleaned by a combination of mechanical removal and a special cleaning liquid. The environmentally friendly special cleaning agent is applied directly to the contaminated equipment elements by a flow brush and is supported by the mechanical movement of the brush. 


The cleaning liquid is heated in the tank of the WAT 2000 and pumped to the flow brush by a feed pump with magnetic coupling. A temperature control keeps the temperature constant at 35°C. The electronic control unit is protected in a separate housing, which is certified according to IP 54.


The application possibilities of the WAT 2000 are absolutely versatile. Due to the interaction of the different cleaning liquids and the type of parts to be cleaned, almost all grease, oil, lubricants, soot and environmental contamination can be removed from machine, motor vehicle, equipment and metal parts.


ROTAS V 15 / V 18


The ROTAS cleans completely independently and faster than comparable and conventional manual cleaning. Manpower and time are now limited only to the loading processes of the device.


The arrangement of the especially for the ROTAS developed spray nozzles ensures that the parts to be cleaned are evenly irradiated from all sides when the basket is rotated. The newly developed cleaners adapted to the spray nozzles are more effective than conventional emulsions such as cold cleaners or similar. They are skin-friendly, biodegradable and odourless.

To achieve an optimal cleaning result, the liquid is heated to over 80°C and thus the drying process is accelerated enormously by evaporation. Time-consuming manual cleaning, rubber gloves, respiratory and eye protection as well as costly hazardous waste disposal are no longer necessary and are thus finally a distant memory, in the interest of our environment.


Fields of application:


Cleaning, degreasing, derusting, dewaxing, preserving, deslagging, soaking, deoxidising, decarbonising, rinsing, etc.


HWT Water Treatment

Water Treatment Facility, a refreshing technology for our future

Many diseases such as various forms of cancer are caused by polluted water – currently more than 2,000 pollutants are known to be found in drinking water. 


The-Environmentalist has developed a proven technology to guarantee unlimited high quality clean urban water supply without the use of chemicals. 


This new facility will replace the central water supply for the building and can be extended to replace common water treatment centres for entire cities and districts.


The Home Water Treatment HWT 90 - 500 (purification of 90 - 500 litre/hour) is a unique water purification system for individual homes. Contaminations due to ageing pipe systems that trigger dangerous bacteria and pollutants can be eliminated completely with this system. Prototypes for this system have already been developed. 


Water purification unit for your Home


A compact water treatment system was developed directly aiming at the final consumer. The plant can be adapted to various crude water qualities - from inferior tap water to seawater - due to its modular construction. The fully automatic system guarantees a user-friendly operation and a consistently high quality.


In many regions of the world the quality of drinking water is quite insufficient. Analyses of this water often show a high content of dirt particles, salt and bacteria. Poor raw water quality, old pipe systems or high ambient temperatures are just some of the reasons.


The-Environmentalist has developed a compact purification and disinfection unit to be used in kitchens or similar applications. The raw water is pumped through a pre-filter. Raw water can be drinking water of bad quality or water loaded by high levels of particles, salt and bacteria. 


The raw water is pumped through a pre-filter. After passing through the pre-filter, the water is treated by the first UV light disinfection unit. The UV radiation kills bacteria and germs so that the water is almost free of biological impurities. The disinfected water is pumped through the cross-flow filtration system by a high-pressure pump. Depending on the raw water quality, cross-flow filtration membranes with different pore sizes such as ultrafiltration and / or reverse osmosis are used. The water flow is divided by the cross-flow filter into two output flows: the purified permeate flow and the concentrate flow, which contains salt and particles. 


In cross-flow filtration, a flow is generated horizontally to the direction of filtration. Small particles and molecules larger than the pore size of the membrane are retained on the surface of the membrane and not in the polymer matrix that makes up the microporous membranes. Ultrafiltration works with a backwash system. The backwash system and the design of the filter modules and equipment ensure minimal consumption of backwash liquid. The flow is monitored on the filtrate side to eliminate the risk of incorrect measurement due to fouling. The pulsating backwash is triggered when a low limit value of the filtrate flow is present and cleans the entire filtration area quickly and economically. 

Do you want to learn some interesting facts about water and our Blue Planet?

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