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Scream of the Environment 2020




The first international conference on nature conservation took place in Bern (Switzerland) as early as 1913. The result, to establish a functioning development process for the conservation of our nature, was not only missed, but mankind has irretrievably destroyed a large part of nature since this conference. Many animal and plant species are already extinct or threatened with extinction, the ecosystem Earth is endangered.


Industrial corporations, accompanied by corruption, are oriented towards growth and profit. In order to keep up on the world market, their production and manufacturing processes are predominantly subject to the use of the cheapest and most environmentally harmful raw materials; pure poison for our environment. Agreements made to protect the environment are neglected.

Information gaps, lack of knowledge or environmental awareness lead to many large corporations and lobbyists being able to further expand their power. The health of humans and nature is secondary for them; only profit counts.


We must clearly distance ourselves from such practices.





It seems that most people do not take the time to actually search for news, information and reports on our environment. We all have our daily problems to solve, the news is full of information about political decisions that no one can comprehend or even agree with. This kind of information dominates our thoughts and there is no time left for research and studies about current developments in our environment.


That’s when the idea was born to ask for your support. As Guardians of the Environment, we all have an obligation to fulfil. One of them is to disseminate updates and reports on the current environmental situation worldwide through our newsletter.


Help us collect this news to share with our readers and members worldwide.

Real Environmental Problems

-just to name a few-

It is 18 May 2021, the time is 11:07 am


On the website, we have read the following dates

(four completed months and eighteen days of the year 2021):

  1. E-mails sent this year                                                                                                              37,367,204,895,509

  2. Forest loss this year                                                                                    in hectares         1,957,853

  3. Toxic chemicals released into the environment                                  in tons                3,686,636

  4. Starving people this year                                                                                                       4,210,254

  5. Overweight people on earth                                                                                                 1,710,366,058

  6. Deaths due to contaminated water                                                                                     317,018

  7. Deaths from air pollution according to WHO 01.05.2018                                            7 Million people*1

       Deaths from air pollution according to Medical News Today 

       30.03.2020                                                                                                                              8.8 Million people*2

    8. World Water Day 2021, deaths from no regular access to water                                2.2 Billion people

    9. Affected countries of extreme water scarcity                                                                   33*3



(press release May 1, 2018)


(press release March 30, 2020)


However, while the WHO published 7 million deaths from air pollution in 2018, the actual numbers are increasingly alarming, according to Medical News Today, published on March 30, 2020:


"New research has found that air pollution is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, far surpassing smoking, malaria, and other significant factors


The study found that air pollution is one of the major global causes of death. The researchers estimate that during 2015, around 8.8 million people died as a consequence of air pollution. This represents the shortening of global life expectancy by almost 3 years, on average."*2



(press release March 30, 2020)

Polluted Water

A human dies


every 2.6 seconds


in our world -


caused by water related







Time is running out

Information Source:

Help for self-help, or Capacity Building


Shipping - the dirtiest industry in the world with the highest pollution levels. 30 cargo ships, 100 planes and 5600 trucks. An enormously high environmental impact every day.

Nuclear Disasters

Chernobyl copy

On April 26, 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant experienced a super disaster. The reactor shell explodes, debris and radioactive material are hurled outwards and a nuclear cloud spreads over large parts of Europe.

Picture Source: Wikipedia
Fukushima copy

The biggest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown could have been avoided. This is the conclusion of a study about history, design and safety measures of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Worldwide Contamination of our Waters

Atomic Waste
Oil Spills



The warming on the Antarctic Peninsula has already exceeded 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial temperatures. Because of the rising temperatures, algae are spreading at the South Pole, colouring the ice ...

Ice melts

Devastating Fires


2015: Forest fires in Indonesia

Australien Bushfire

2019/2020: Bush Fires Australia

Picture Source:

Aral Sea

1984  Bhopal 


Indian officials say 10,000 to 12,000 people were killed. 


Bhopal activists and health workers say more than 20,000 people have died over the years due to gas-related illnesses, such as lung cancer, kidney failure and liver disease. 


Indian officials estimate that nearly 600,000 more have become ill or had babies born with congenital defects over the last 20 years .... 


8 samples, of thousand's ...

                                                                                ... a never ending story


2011 Japan

2010 Oil spill gulf of Mexico

2008  5 huge plastic vortex

1989 Exxon Valdez

1986 Tschernobyl

1984 Bhopal

1976 Seveso

1960 Aral Sea

Information & Picture Sources:


We want your voice to be heard!


Help us collect this news: send us links, reports and information about your environment, directly from the area where you are reading this article! News you read today or recently. In our Environmental Library we want to collect environmental news from all over the world, with links to relevant websites, with pictures and short explanations. Send us these reports. Articles that are not mentioned at all or only marginally in the world press, or mentioned once and forgotten again. It does not only have to be bad news; good news about positive changes or reports about people who are actively doing something for our nature are very welcome! Whatever kind of news you would like to share with us, please make sure that the source is true and reliable and that you do not violate any intellectual property rights. Your message can be published in our News Centre and/or in our Environmental Library.


As guidelines for publications, the Terms and Conditions shall apply.

Become active now! Become a Guardian of the Environment and help us to collect and disseminate issues and current information about our environment. Participate actively creating our worldwide Environmental News Library, and send us newspaper articles and environmental reports from your area.

Thank you.

Your Blue Building Environmental Organisation - Team

Guardians of the Environment

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The article should be short and informative. Appropriate photographs are encouraged. By submitting these photos, the sender agrees that the Blue Building Environmental Organisation may publish them. The name/country of origin of the sender and also the corresponding links to the reportage will be mentioned as a reference. If desired, the name of the sender can be published as a pseudonym or in short form (e.g. John Doe as J. Doe from Country XYZ). In this case, please notify the Blue Building Environmental Organisation accordingly in the 'Your Message' line.

The Blue Building Environmental Organisation cannot accept any liability for the material provided. Blue Building Environmental Organisation also reserves the right to check the articles before publication (fake news) and may refuse publication without giving reasons. Should an article that has already been published prove to be questionable in terms of content at a later date, Blue Building Environmental Organisation reserves the right to remove the published article immediately. Please note the Disclaimer.


At present, only submissions in English and German can be considered. The author or submitter of the article will not receive any financial compensation or other benefits.

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