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In possibly only 25 years, we will face unsolvable environmental problems,

everyone can foresee that.

Politicians of all parties show deep concern,

environment protectors demand immediate measures,

the press feels justified by environmental catastrophes.

Everyone knows everything,

but it's always the others who are guilty.


Adage 1995



When The-Environmentalist published the above saying in 1995, most people laughed at it. 'Electricity comes from the socket', everything was in abundance.


Can we change a global system that is inexorably destroying our environment, let alone stop it? What can we do?


The Blue Building Environmental Organisation sees it as its task to help nature, which is in crisis, to its old/new quality. Not a different environment, but our environment differently. Not the end of our aeon, but the new beginning of an aeon.


Because with the Blue Building Concept we have something to offer the world instead of being its problem. With the technologies of the Blue Building Concept, completely new paths can be taken that will help even the poorest people in the world in the long term.


But to do this, we need to become an international voice of authority that can bring about change.


"What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It; Boldness Has Genius, Power, and Magic in It."

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Membership means working together to sustainably support and improve the environment worldwide through the Blue Building Concept. It is in the nature of things that this concept is constantly being supplemented.


Whether with or without financial support

every membership increases our voice for the environment;

- a voice in working together to preserve our planet for ourselves and our children.


The many Blue Building products and inventions are for our environment, us humans.


We would be happy to welcome you as a member!


Welcome to the Blue Building Environmental Organisation Ltd

The Guardians of the Environment



Science and Research

by The-Environmentalist


Science, associated with applied research, is based on rational and intellectual abilities of each scientist.


A practical rationality, combined with logical and analytical thinking, must carefully, but not influenced by personal egoism, permanently and adequately nourish the target claim. Often the intolerance of the unknown must be overcome.


In contrast, theoretical explanations are often documented in their approach and content analyses in a way that the correctness of the underlying research process imparts decision-relevant theoretical implications incorrectly. Theories, gained from thinking and often also through “speculative” findings, are therefore repeatedly misinterpreted.


However, a correct interpretation entails including aspects and not leaving anything out, with the aim of understanding the purpose of the whole endeavour. This understanding and a true interpretation of the research results are the keys to success.


These keys limit or expand future sciences.


A human being's mental capacity is essential, but difficult to define. One principle is to understand the historical background of humanity. The spirit explores all things, including the depths of creation. But only a free spirit can evolve and become successful.


"No matter where my eyes are looking, my ears are hearing, and my heart is feeling;

everywhere there is a state of indifference to people and the environment that wants to be freed from its forced isolation."



The beginning of a change starts with the first step; this start is the most important part of a future action. The start is the goal of what we want to achieve. But even systematically planned goals experience constant renewal and change. 


Our plans are fundamentally challenging, so your friendly feedback or comments that lead to a positive change are always welcome.


+44 1764 680889


23 Windsor Gardens

Auchterarder PH3 1QE

Scotland, United Kingdom


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